Canna-Fab Modular Systems Ltd. (“Canna-Fab”) is a privately-held company based in Calgary, Alberta.  We have partnered with Alta-Fab Structures Ltd. (“Alta-Fab) to offer cannabis license applicants and licensed producers (collectively “LPs) purpose-built, prefabricated cannabis cultivation and production facilities that are designed and built to the LP’s specifications, and that meet or exceed building requirements set out in Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (“ACMPR).

Since 1973, Alta-Fab has been at the leading edge of modular innovation and has won multiple Modular Building Institute’s Awards of Distinction.  Together we are committed to continuing this history of excellence and innovation with our purpose-built, prefabricated cannabis cultivation and production facilities.

Our buildings are designed and constructed specifically for indoor cultivation and production of cannabis, taking into account the humidity and temperature inside the cultivation rooms, and the climate and weather conditions at the specified site location, providing 24/7 containment of the environment and protection from outside elements and intrusions.  Our high-quality, prefabricated buildings have many advantages over greenhouse construction or purchasing and retrofitting a warehouse, and we can build single-story and multi-story facilities.

With over 45 years’ experience in the design and construction of prefabricated facilities, and over 400,000 Ft2 of CSA-Approved manufacturing space, we are able to build and deliver large-scale projects, with construction timelines that are 30% to 50% faster than on-site construction.

Additionally, we work with a number of top-tier OEMs to offer optional state-of-the-art production management systems including: Climate Control; Fertigation; Water Recycling & Treatment; LED Lighting; and a “Seed-to-Sale” Tracking & Reporting System specifically designed to meet the requirements of Health Canada’s ACMPR.